You are Watching Niramala
"Niramala 2016" mega show, the first of its kind with our Pisharody community, conducted on May 21st 2016 was a grand success. The aims of Niramala 2016 was to find out the distinguished Pisharodies in various walks of life and give due respect, regard and honour them in the presence of our children, young ones and old generation in a prestigious way. Their virtues, simple life style and their ability to overcome various challenges in their life - all these can inspire and motivate the young generation of Pisharodies. 
Also "Niramala 2016" provided a grand stage like never before to the young ones to dig out their best performance.
The word "Niramala" means a garland of colourful flowers.  The flowers are our young ones.  The string on which the flowers are arranged is our respectful geniuses and "Guru Karanavars".  There is no garland without a string. The string is the basic unit of the garland.  Like wise without the blessings and prayers of our "Guru Karanavars" nothing is possible.
In order to take this further, the idea of a website by the name "Niramala" was born where the talented and successful Pisharodies can showcase their success stories and where the next generation of aspiring Pisharodies can use it to show the world their talents and get the right guidance, motivation and the much needed encouragements.